About us

We have been operating on the Slovak market since 2006. After 15 years of our company's existence, the time has come for a change. We have been toying with this idea for several years, but due to climate change this need is becoming more urgent.

Company Dukaty property, s.r.o. in the last two years it has gone through a significant transformation process. The company, which until then was exclusively dedicated to the administration and management of shopping centers, also started to deal with environmental topics with a focus on the green circular economy in 2020.

This process of transformation arose quite naturally in connection with the establishment of the civil association and non-profit organization ONETRIBE FOUNDATION. ONETRIBE FOUNDATION.

Our mission

The impetus for the transformation of Dukaty property was the need to fund our charitable projects, when we were looking at how to fund our educational activities and environmental projects in Africa.While visiting the country, I saw, that collecting plastic waste is the way to save this country - to help create jobs, to educate adults and children.

And so the idea arose that I would establish an NGO which, in cooperation with Dukaty property, will begin to devote themselves to activities to save the environment through education.

How it started

During the pandemic, travel options were limited, so the first project within our NGO ONETRIBE FOUNDATION, which we successfully implemented in Uganda, was strictly online. ONETRIBE FOUNDATION, ktorý sme úspešne realizovali v Ugange, bol vyslovene online.

And it wasn't until our second charity project, " Improvement of infrastructure and teaching conditions in Baptist Secondary school in Eku" , Delta State, which started in 2021 in Nigeria, that I decided to focus on the environment during my stay. Considering the pollution of the country, I considered it not only a good idea but a necessity.

In 2021, I therefore approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SAMRS section, signed up for the announced calls and succeeded in the framework of business projects. As an NGO, we could not participate in the calls, as one of the conditions was the annual operation of the association, which we did not meet at the time of submitting the application. The topic was clear - Collection of plastic waste. And so the project Creation of plastic waste collection points "CoSpots", or Collection Spots, was born. Collection Spots.

Katarína Duchovná

Dukaty property, s.r.o.

I no longer accept things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.