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Our company also provides consulting services in various areas related to the operation and operation of mainly shopping centers. Our main advantage is real long-term experience in managing and running shopping centers in all directions.

In this way, we are able to provide consulting services in all directions of the shopping center management, of course not only that, but also any real estate.

We provide consultancy in the framework of lease contracts, rental conditions, searching for a location or choosing a target group of customers.

We also focus our legislative services on legislative activities and offer clients an analysis of contracts with recommendations for possible changes in the wording of contracts.

Our indisputable advantage is the detailed knowledge of the market and competition, the conditions under which shopping centers operate as well as the contexts that have a direct impact on the economic results of our clients.

Reliability and sensitive handling of client information predetermine us to be helpful in creating budget plans of any nature, technical, economic, marketing. Your trust is a priority for our company.

We carry out consulting sessions – seminars and training in the above mentioned areas and we also offer our services in the area of personnel management

The basis of mutual satisfaction and success is a good contract.

We are the only one in Slovakia to offer consulting services in the field of operating costs. By detailed analysis we can recommend further steps to optimize cost items.

Advisory and consultancy services

  • We provide a broad portfolio of services for tenants of commercial or other commercial centers and real estates
  • We offer extensive know-how in local markets and individual solutions
  • We offer many years of experience in the field of rental as well as numerous significant references. Please contact us for more details.

Tenant services

Rental mediation

Strong relationships with landlords

Our strong relationships with landlords allow us to better understand their business goals. So we can come up with proven and developed negotiation strategies and speed up the conclusion of the transaction.

We help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Whether we advise our clients in the area of purchase, lease renewal, relocation or real estate consolidation, our services are highly valued thanks to detailed knowledge of global markets and strategic approach to problem solving.

Tenant representation services include strategic development, tailored construction and planning, demographic analysis, logistics / distribution services, market analysis, space cost analysis and negotiation. We can also provide tenants with other services such as project management, property management or lease administration.

We cooperate with tenants, both Slovak and foreign, and try to meet their requirements.

How we can help

We help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational goals with real estate requirements.

Site strategy

provides independent advice on all aspects of the site strategy, identifying new areas of opportunity and configuring resources at existing sites.

When it comes to the site selection plan, our advisory team acknowledges that acquiring real estate is not your key requirement. We realize that assets are used to support the core functions of your business – providing products and services.

Our team focuses on factors that can significantly impact business performance, such as local labor availability, costs and cost arbitrage, business supply chain. After identifying these essential elements, search can begin ideal space.

Retail space services

We understand retail

We fully understand that success in retail is the details and personal approach The evolution of consumer purchasing behavior poses to retail operators the biggest challenges. We examine in detail the major trends in this area and present their implications to retailers, investors and their properties.

We are a trusted advisor

Thanks to our comprehensive market presence, we provide advice to owners real estate related to renting, selling or general modernization their retail properties.

We are also a trusted consultant for smaller operators as well as for large operators retail chains for which the choice of the right location and lease arrangements basis for the success of their operations.

Our in-depth knowledge and overview of how retailing works in combination with local, regional and global presence, they help us deliver a real competitive client whether they are store operators, professional investors, large chains or private equity.

Our most important SERVICE that has no competition

We provide legal and financial advice in the field of annual operating billing cost. Every year, shopping centers send an ANNUAL statement of all related services with the operation and operation of the shopping center. Many times, the tenant does not receive sufficient information about what costs are included in the bill. Of course there are cases where the financial funds returned to the tenant’s account. However, there are considerably fewer than the tenant’s to pay year-round costs. WE OFFER AN ANALYSIS OF THE CONTRACT AS AN ANALYSIS OF THE Billing ANNUAL OPERATING COSTS. AS ONLY IN SLOVAKIA AND IN ENGLISH.

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